R for Rabbit 4 in 1 convertible Feeding chair for kids & babies Review

Hey, everybody, I am bipasa and welcome to Best-for-babies.com today I am gonna share with you my personal of using this R for rabbit 4in 1 convertible chair so I’m gonna be honest and tell you that the number one reason I went with this chair was that I thought it would look at in my home 😂😂😂

I liked the fact that it was customizable and it’s sleek but not too modern just when you live in a small space and you have one room to live you want it to look good, very 

R for Rabbit 4

useful to feed the baby without having to run around after the baby or carry in lap, it’s easy to adjust easily to clean and comfortable and you can use it from six months to 7 years those are added perks.

Some features 

  • Convertible to Study Table, Booster Seat & Chair.
  • you can adjust the tray with just one hand
  • the anti-tipping design allows the High Chair to remain stable in any condition
  • remove sharp edges and avoid the risk of even a scratch
  • safety harness allows you to secure your child while feeding
  • age 06 Months to 7 Years.
  • weight up to 0 to 20 Kgs.

R for Rabbit 4


made up with the good quality of plastic I have been using this seen 3 moths still it works very very well it was still in good shape after using 3 months. The R for Rabbit says this product is passed through most stringent Safety certification of European Nation EN 14988 making it Most Safe for your Little One it sounds great 😎.

Ease Of Cleaning

It is very easy to clean it, if food also falls on it, just take a dry cloth and clean. It is very easy to clean, it does not take any extra effort.


Thumbs-up for comfort, Child sits comfortably in the chair, Make sure that the high chair you choose for your little one has a footrest. As your baby gets older, they will be more comfortable if they can lift their legs instead of letting them hang.

How to Install this chair

Here is a complete video of installing this High chair very easily

Now Pros & Cons



Easy To Feed



Washable Cushion


Heavy Weight (7.3kg)

the chair gets rusty soon

Bottom line

As a mother, you will always invest in something that is comfortable and durable. This convertible high chair serves the child for the longest time. my daughter is currently 1 and a half, she loves to sit on it and eat his meals. I position the chair right outside the kitchen, where she loves to watch me cook. Not just a high chair, I also plan to use it as a study table once he develops his interest in reading and drawing, etc. Overall a decent product.

I hope that this helped your journey in finding the perfect high chair for you your baby and your space, thank you soo much for reading guys, catch you guy’s next time bye-bye.

R for Rabbit 4 in 1 Convertible Feeding chair for kids & babies 

Product Description:-R for Rabbit 4

  • Convertible to Study Table & Chair: Cherry Berry Grand can be converted to Study Table & Chair.
  • Convertible to Booster Seat – Cherry Berry’s Grand Innovative Design allows you to convert High Chair to Booster Seat.
  • Arc Design without Acute Angle – Cherry Berry Grand brings Arc Design to remove sharp edges and avoid the risk of even a scratch to your little one.

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