Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid During Pregnancy 

Eating well-balanced meals is essential when you’re pregnant there are essential nutrients vitamins and minerals that are developing baby needs. hello, guys, I am Bipasa and welcome to today I am gonna talk about some foods you should avoid during pregnancy.

Foods to avoid during pregnancy

During pregnancy, a baby is relying upon me & mom to provide them with the nutrients that they need to grow and develop it is especially important during pregnancy, to follow a generally healthy diet for this reason that includes a variety of foods from each food groupTop 10 Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnancy 

however pregnant women do have increased needs of calcium iron and folate and for this reason of daily prenatal vitamin is recommended, women should take a prenatal vitamin prior to conception during pregnancy and while breastfeeding it is also recommended to take a DHA supplement containing at least 200 milligrams per day DHA is an essential omega-3 fat which has been linked to brain growth.

Top 10 Worst Foods You Should Strictly Avoid During Pregnancy 


Number 10:- Fish and seafood 

Avoid eating fish and seafood that contain high amounts of methylmercury found mostly in large fish like swordfish shark king mackerel and tilefish the US Food and Drug Administration FDA and the Environmental Protection Agency EPA had a wise pregnant woman to abstain from this phase completely due to their high levels of mercury these fish will get mercury from the water they swim in and from eating other fish that have mercury in them mercury can impair a baby’s developing brain and nervous systemTop 10 Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnancy 

however, there are plenty of types of fish and seafood that contains a low level of mercury you can safely include them in your pregnancy diet omega-3 fatty acids protein vitamins and minerals such as iron deficiency for essential nutrients for pregnant moms as they for a healthy fetal infant and childhood development makes her choose a variety of fish low in mercury such as salmon tilapia same tuna core and catfish.

Number 9:– Bitter gourd

bitter gourds are rich in many essential nutrients that promote both your babies and your health however there have been a few controversies due to the risk associated with

Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnancy 

consuming bitter gourds during your pregnancy bitter gourd if eaten for the first time can cause cramps in abdomen gastritis and other stomach related diseases too much consumption of bitter gourd can trigger uterine activities that can even cause early labour in some women this could result in painful contractions blood loss miscarriage stillbirth or premature babies

it is recommended to run with regards at least during the first few weeks of your pregnancy make sure you consult your gynaecologist before including this into your diet especially if you have never eaten this vegetable before.

Number 8:- Raw or undercooked eggs

eating raw or undercooked eggs during pregnancy can be Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnancy dangerous to your baby’s health raw or undercooked eggs can carry harmful bacteria such as E.coli and salmonella which can cause miscarriage and occasionally steal births to safely consume eggs cook them properly and avoid eating raw and unpasteurized eggs

wash all our utensils that have had contact with raw eggs eat eggs immediately after you cook them and don’t eat foods made with raw eggs.


Number 7:- Eggplant

Eggplant contains high amounts of phytohormones which pose menstruation-inducing properties and aid in treating menstrual problems in women such as amenorrhea and premenstrual Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid during Pregnancy syndrome, however, if you eat eggplant in excess – during pregnancy then it may induce the liver and lead to miscarriage eating undercooked eggplant can make you unable to food allergies and can cause digestive problems that can be very harmful to your smooth pregnancy

if you really love to eat eggplant and cannot avoid eating eggplant during your pregnancy then you must insert to consume it in moderation to avoid potential risks and complications also make sure that you cook the vegetable properly before you consume it to avoid digestion problems.


Number 6:- Alcohol

drinking alcohol during pregnancy makes your baby more likely to have premature birth birth defects and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders when you drink alcohol during pregnancy the alcohol in your blood quickly passes through the placenta and the umbilical cord to your baby drinking any amount of alcohol at any time during pregnancy can harm your baby’s developing brain and other organs no amount of alcohol has been proven safe at any time during pregnancy.


Number 5:- Coffee and Tea 

coffee and tea during pregnancy is not a healthier option for pregnant moms as Tea & coffee contain caffeine which is responsible for increasing the risk of a miscarriage if consumed regularly more than the recommended amount caffeine can limit blood flow to the placenta as well as increased blood pressure and blood sugar levels the New England Journal of Medicine conducted a study with 562 women who miscarry at 6 to 12 weeks the researchers found that more than five cups of coffee increased the moms’ risk of miscarriage you must not exceed more than 200 milligrams of caffeine in a day.


Number 4:- Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

Unwashed fruits and vegetables Toxoplasma parasite that can be found on unwashed fruits and vegetables is one of the world’s most common parasites if you get it you can pass it along to your baby and it can cause serious complications like vision and learning problems, therefore, you should thoroughly rinse raw fruits and vegetables under running water before eating or preparing them especially fruits that require peeling or cutting like cantaloupe and other melons

bacteria can be found on the outer rind or peel cut away any bruised or damaged parts of the vegetable you are more likely to find bacteria in these places don’t use soap detergents or bleach solutions to wash produce.


Number 3:- Grapes

Grapes are rich in nutritional value however eating too many grapes can elevate the stomach heat this can result in loose motions and diarrhoea in pregnant women dairy and the course of pregnancy is a risky condition as lots of flutes are lost from the body of the mother the suet grapes a high-calorie fruit even though it is very nutritious for the mother and her unborn baby consumption in massive amounts can result in gaining weight being overweight is not good for a healthy pregnancy because this child can become overweight increases the chances of the mother to undergo painful labour

if you can’t resist having grapes and if you wanted to have any little amounts don’t forget to wash and clean them properly as many grapes are grown using chemicals and pesticides.


Number 2:- Pineapple

eating pineapple during pregnancy is not a safer food choice for pregnant moms as pineapple contains bromelain which is known for breaking down proteins in the body and since your newly conceived baby is made up of proteins consuming bromelain can cause bleeding and miscarriage it also causes vomiting skin rash and uterine contractions in your first trimester it is better not to include it at all in the first trimester.


Number 1:- Unripe Papaya

unripe or Semi ripe papaya is rich in a chemical compound called as latex, this chemical leads to early uterine contraction and can lead to miscarriage papaya must be completely avoided in the early stages of pregnancy when the placenta is formed as even a small amount of latex can harm the womb. raw papaya contains an enzyme called papain who suppresses the production of progesterone a hormone critical in a healthy pregnancy, raw papaya is especially considered hazardous to developing embryos. however, this impact of papaya on pregnancy is a little less if the prepare is ripe and eaten in moderation, therefore, it is always advised to eat prepare which is fully ripened.


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