Anmol Baby Carrier Review

Anmol Baby Carrier: why you should buy this product?

Baby carriers come in a variety of styles and variants, and they are most preferred when you want to walk with your little ones, hello Guy’s I am Bipasa and welcome back to best for, today I am going to tell you about my experience with my new baby carrier which I purchased 10 days ago for my daughter. So a baby wrap career may not be for everyone, but if you are going to invest your time and money for purchasing a carrier for your little one then I highly suggest you go with  Anmol baby carrier.

So Why do I like this Anmol baby carrier?

One reason is comfort and not only for me but also for the baby as well we said to think the baby’s comfortable one of the reasons why it’s so comfortable is that these shoulder straps here they’re really wide and then they have a nice soft foam in it some of the other ones I’ve used they get foam but maybe the foam wasn’t enough or the bands were too small so it’s still dug into my shoulder a little bit.Anmol Baby Carrier Review

another great comfort measure that the Anmol baby wearing has is that it actually has padding’s for where the baby’s leg is so noticed that many of the baby carriers don’t have the padding here and without the padding, it actually can cause the fabric to dig into your baby’s legs a little bit and make it less comfortable for them

so with the padding it just makes a little bit more comfortable for them to Synanon especially for longer periods of time and kind of similar to the line of comfort this baby carrier is actually very light and thin so it makes it really easy to kind of fold up and just throw into my diaper bag so that when we bring it to baby anywhere I can also make sure I have to carry it with me.

Why the Anmol brand? Why not another brand?Anmol Baby Carrier Review

Anmol Baby Carriers are Mumbai based company they have been making handwoven wraps for 2 years and SSC’s for 1year.  Anmol makes 100% Cotton & Organic Cotton wraps, Anmol SSC is the first Indian Ergonomic Soft-structured Carrier with an International baby safety certification that ensures what reached you is the best for your baby.

Feature of Anmol baby carrier

  • India’s 1st safety tested and certified (ASTM) ergonomic baby carrier can be used from birth (45 kg) with the use of the infant insert (not included), and into toddlerhood
  • Includes features such as dual-adjustment straps to allow for the perfect fit, additional leg-opening and shoulder padding, and a side pocket on the waist belt
  • Made using hand woven cotton and oko tex certified canvas, being medium weight and breathable
  • Head support with integrated hood Specially developed to give the proper support for the baby’s head, while the baby is asleep or as a cover for breastfeeding in the carrier

you can also check all the features of this product i”ll give you the link ( All Features )

what are the pros?Anmol Baby Carrier Review

  1. It gently catches the little ones, but still gives them enough room to look and feel comfortable for you.
  2. You will probably be able to use it from the time your child is born until they need a carrier.
  3. Despite the many different carry position options, it is easy to hang and relatively easy.
  4. Woven wrapped straps are plush and comfortable, but not too much, meaning your baby will still look career-wise.
  5. It is also light and does not feel heavy overall.
  6. made by the good quality of cotton.
  7. the best I like it’s Head support with an integrated hood.


what are the cons?

  1. Price it’s quite costly compared with other products in the market.
  2. On amazon its cost around 3300 rupees, but on the Anmol baby carrier website its cost around 4500 😲
Anmol Baby Carrier – how easy it is to put on. ( Front carry instructions )

How to Care this Anmol baby carrier?


Okay, just a couple of other things to note with this carrier, in terms of care you can machine wash it cold tumble dry low with light colours there will be a little bit of shrinkage but make sure you don’t ever dry clean it because that will ruin this product.
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Anmol Baby Carrier:-

Product descriptionAnmol Baby Carrier Review

Bring in calm and stable vibes with the basic handwoven in India light blue ssc – a lightweight carrier giving you the luxury of a handwoven fabric, at the same time being absolutely affordable.


Anmol Baby Carrier

One reason is comfort and not only for me but also for the baby

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Product Price: 2800

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