How to Increase the Breast Milk Supply

Hello friend. how are you? Welcome back to Best-for-Babies. So today I’m going to tell you how to increase your breast milk supply, now chances are if you’re reading this blog you have had some struggle on how to increase your breast milk I know after I had my baby it was definitely a worry I was worried that I was going to dry up or I wasn’t gonna be able to keep up with the demand of my baby now I found with my journey of breastfeeding

these were the most effective the healthiest in the cheapest way to increase my breast milk supply I was constantly on YouTube Google Pinterest on how do I increase my breast milk supply and I swear the number one thing that came up was lactation cookies so many recipes it was like the only thing that would increase my milk supply was lactation cookies,

I found that with these eight tips that I’m going to mention that I was able to also lose weight so I was able to be healthy increase my milk supply but at the same time lose weight because I just had a baby and I was trying to lose weight but at the same time I was still staying healthy making sure I got all my nutrition for myself and most importantly my baby so with that being said let’s get right into the blog if you want to know eight effective cheap healthy ways to increase your milk supply then stick to the blog.

How to Increase the Breast Milk Supply

Eight effective cheap healthy ways to increase your milk supply

Number 1:- is so easy it’s so simple it’s so effective and what is it it’s oatmeal and I swear by this oatmeal I do not know what is in this stuff but I mean obviously it’s oatmeal but you guys when I was trying to increase my breast milk I was having about 1/4 a cup of this and I would mix flax seeds cinnamon agave nectar stuff in it you know to make it taste healthy because let’s be honest it’s not like the best-tasting thing in the world I was having two bowls of this in the morning right when I woke up and then about three to four hours later I would have another bowl and it was so effective

the next day I would have more increased breast milk supply I mean and if your chances are if you look at lactation cookie recipes most of them like 90% of them have oatmeal in it and this is because it’s so effective just get a big thing like this to have about 1/4 cup or a half a cup however much you want I mean not too much because

if you’re trying to lose weight then you know but and add whatever if you want if you like chocolate chips if you like blueberries walnuts whatever you want to make it taste good to make it to where you enjoy eating it like when I got up in the morning I enjoyed eating my cup of oatmeal because I made it tastes the way I wanted it to.


Number 2:- is natural Whole Foods now what do I mean when I say this I mean foods that are not from McDonald’s that are not processed I mean just Whole Foods like chicken pasta yes pasta brown rice you

How to Increase the Breast Milk Supplyknow fruits vegetables you have to think you’re giving this nutrition that you’re eating to your baby so if you’re having pizza or a cheeseburger if chances are it’s not the best nutrition fruit vegetables whatever you won’t just eat it just make sure it’s whole best if it’s organic and natural but if not it’s still good that you’re just eating Whole Foods because there are so much nutrition and whole natural food.


Number 3:- the third thing kind of goes with the second thing is consistent eating so you have to think if you’re feeding your baby every three to four hours you should be eating every three to four hours because you’re giving so much nutrition to your baby you also have to be giving nutrition for yourself and extra for your baby because that nutrition is gonna go to your baby and your breast milkHow to Increase the Breast Milk Supply

no matter what so make sure you’re giving it to yourself and that you’re eating every three hours don’t wait to go eight hours without eating because you can’t expect your breast milk to be steady if you’re not giving your body that nutrition so don’t wake up in the morning and not eat till like 1:00 o’clock and I understand

it’s hard to do that because you have a baby you might have extra kids and you forget to eat but just make little snack things in the beginning of the week have almonds blueberries just whatever you like eat it think of a whole natural food if you like grapefruit if you like just chicken eat chicken whatever you like.


Number 4:- the fourth thing is some kind of extra supplement and honestly I found this to be very low like probably the eighth tip I would recommend it is just a way to increase so I did find it to be effective but what I mean by like a vitamin or supplement and I’m going to show you my doctor recommended the new fenugreek the thing with this is it says for best results two capsules three times a day How to Increase the Breast Milk Supply

I just don’t have time for that it’s a lot and I just didn’t really find this to be super effective and I seemed like I was constantly having to be reminded to take this throughout the day what I found to be effective for me was this up spring milk flow and this has the fenugreek and blessed thistle in it and this it says on the back it says to take up to one capsule twice a day

so I would just take it once in the morning and once at night it does say you could take more if you need it but I found I was even only taking it like once a day and I still found it to be just as fine so but you know if you don’t have the money to go out and get this then don’t get this I honestly found oatmeal to be more effective than this.


Number 5:- the fifth thing is pumping and I know some mothers are against pumping I’m not I definitely think pumping is a good alternative for me it helped a lot with increasing my breast milk so if you’re not for pumping then just skip over this part to the next thing this is what I have this is the medela Sonoda pump it works fine I found that whenever my baby would sleep throughout the night How to Increase the Breast Milk Supply

I’m at least will not throw out the night but get like 5 to 6 hours of sleep I wasn’t breastfeeding during that time I noticed my breast milk supply to go down so I would have to get up and act like my baby was going to be eating during that time even though he wasn’t but it did help for the next day to increase my breast milk supply one thing you can look into and I would we reading more blogs on this is slowly going to pumping

I did that probably in my third month of breastfeeding him just because I didn’t like that I wasn’t able to see how much he was eating every three hours because sometimes I would feed them and he would breastfeed for like forty-five minutes and like an hour later still be hungry so when I was just did pumping I was very accurate I was pumping I knew how much I was pumping every three hours he was getting that amount every three hours and it just seemed to work better for me but you have to see what option works best one thing that

I would recommend is if you’re feeding your baby in the middle of the night chances are you’re not feeding him or feeding him or her you’re not feeding them the same that you would during the day so add another pumping session and your breast milk will increase throughout the day I know it’s not the most ideal thing but it does work because your body is thinking hey I need more milk for my baby.


Number 6:- the sixth thing is so important and that is being consistent and what I mean by this is if you’re starting to give your baby formula and you substitute oh I don’t have enough breast milk so I’m gonna give them formula the next session but you don’t breastfeed or pump or anything for that next session then your body is going to think I do not need to give milk to my baby

even if you’re giving your baby formula for a four feeding or like frozen breast milk you still have to pump during that time because you have to trick your body like hey my baby needs food because if not your body is going to think oh my baby doesn’t need food so I need to slow down my milk production

so is if your baby is having six ounces every three hours you need to make sure you are pumping or breastfeeding that out every six hours even if you’re going out and you know you’re having your parents watch the baby and you’re having them use frozen breast milk or something you should still be pumping like in a bathroom stall again it’s not ideal but it’s breastfeeding is not the easiest thing in the world for anyone who’s that no it’s not.


Number 7:- the seven things may sound silly especially if you have a new baby but is get rest yes get rest whenever your baby is sleeping make sure you were sleeping if you are only getting like four hours of sleep and I know in the beginning there’s nothing you can do about it it is so important that you’re staying

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rest because you have to think your body is producing milk constantly for your baby and that nutrition is going to go for your baby no matter what so you have to give your body a break and rest you’ll feel so much better and just do it when you can if you can’t there are times there’s no way I could get rest I have a new baby there’s no way I’m going to be sleeping and it’s just it is the way it is but if you can try to rest.

If You Get Tired Learn Rest, Not to Quit


Number 8:- the final thing and I’m sure you probably already know what it is and if you’ve looked up any articles, blog or YouTube video anything it is water of course have some water you are producing so much milk I cannot stress you how important it is and I sure it’s going to sound like a broken record drink water even if it’s like put crystal light in it have lemon in it put water or put water in water

But like ice in it whatever it is to get you to drink water drink it if you struggle with drinking water before you start to breastfeed or pump just make yourself drink like a six or eight-ounce glass of water just make yourself do it and just think I’m doing this for my baby and just do it and be done with it water is so important you’re producing so much milk it is for sure the number one thing

that is going to increase your breast milk supply out of everything that I mentioned water it is the cheapest it is the healthiest in it is the most effective way to increase your milk supply and bonus it is going to help you lose weight drink that water is going to help you lose shed those pounds off you’re already burning those calories breastfeeding have water.

it’s so healthy it’s so good for you you’re tired during water

I really hope you guys enjoyed this blog I had fun making it I wish I had a blog like this when I was looking at blogs on how to increase my breast milk I definitely found these to be again the most effective the healthiest and the cheapest way to increase my breast milk supply I’m going to be doing a blog on how to lose weight while breastfeeding so please look out for that blog it’s not up yet but it will be up soon if you like to read this blog then don’t forget comment and share with your friends thank you guys so much for reading.

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